EPDM otherwise known as rubber roofing is an extremely durable rubber roofing membrane available in both black and white, and in varying widths and thicknesses. There are several ways to attach EPDM roofing such as mechanically attached, ballasted, or fully adhered. All the seams are sealed with liquid adhesives or specially formulated tape.

EPDM Roofing is durable, flexible, and offers superior UV resistance. EPDM Membranes are cured at the factory, so they will not release or emit any hazardous chemicals unlike other products that cure once they are exposed to heat and moisture. EPDM has no shelf life, it remains stable indefinitely, which makes repairs easier.

EPDM has an excellent track record of protection in all roofing conditions over the last 40 years. EPDM is a membrane for all climate conditions. EPDM also has excellent moisture resistance making it ideal for roofs with poor drainage.


Pros:                                                                             Cons:

                Energy Efficient                                              Require Professional Installation

                Recyclable                                                         Edges are Threat to Integrity

                Resists Tears/Punctures

                Water Resistant

                30-50 Year Durability

                Inexpensive repairs